Martin Redfern

Leadership & Communications


Effective leadership demands mastery of many means.

Essential among these are strategic insight - seeing the bigger picture in more detail than those around you, and strategic vision - building on that insight to determine direction and destination.

Careful cultivation of these strengths in turn enables skilful decision-making and successful delivery of incisive, creative solutions.

I can help you deepen your insight and refine your vision, equipping you to make an impact that accords with your ambition.

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At the same time, effective strategic communications can inspire internal and external stakeholders to follow your lead and subscribe to your vision.

Skilfully-framed presentation contributes to positive outcomes across the social, economic and political environment in which you operate, enabling more effective strategic intervention and exchange.

I can help you translate your intent into confident, imaginative thought leadership that captivates your audience with the vision and values you want to convey.

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Dedicated research will deepen your understanding of your organisation and its situational context.

Adept anaylsis can offer new insight and help reveal innovative solutions to previously intractable challenges.

Systematic research and anaylsis provide the strategic intelligence you need to understand the world in which you operate.

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Only by understanding the relationship between big picture aims and granular tactical actions can organisations achieve their goals.

Methodical strategy development will transform your ability to achieve your leadership and communications objectives.

Refracting your vision through a strategic prism helps you bring everything into focus, then really deliver.

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Whatever your strategic aims, an insight-driven vision that is in focus and on target is guaranteed to make an impact.

Bold interventions facilitate dynamic change and influence a broad constituency, inspiring action and building productive relationships.

Skilful communications can create lasting impact which aligns your stakeholders with your strategic vision.

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