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Strategic communications

Communications compared with marketing, advertising and branding
Strategic communications
Get your message across. Honestly.

Effective communications mean more than marketing, advertising and branding. Nor is social media the answer to all your needs.

Establishing and maintaining goodwill and mutual understanding between you and your stakeholders depends on rigorous research, strategic planning and skilful delivery.

We can work together to translate your intent into actions that build trust, inspire confidence and win loyalty, captivating your audience with the vision and values you want to convey.

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Understand your place in the world


Effective communications start with rigorous appraisal of organisational rationale and intent, challenging assumptions to reveal the insights on which credible content depends.

Carefully considering all aspects of your story, from every point of view, facilitates the construction of a compelling narrative around your history, identity and purpose.

Then you can bring everything into focus by clearly articulating your vision and placing it at the heart of everything you do.


Comprehensive understanding of context is also essential for successful communications strategy development.

It entails diagnosing challenges, discovering solutions and developing new knowledge about your operational domain.

Systematic situational analysis that captures your communications environment gives you the strategic insight you need to understand your place in the world.

Then you can stay in focus and on message every time.

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Develop a strategy that really delivers

Effective planning is essential to the success of any communications initiative.

A methodical approach to strategy development cuts through the complexity to focus on what's important and creates a road map to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Integrating insights from comprehensive contextual research helps clarify organisational aims and the objectives whose achievement will fulfil them.

This in turn enables identification and prioritisation of strategically important stakeholders and the formulation of frames that are specific to their attitudes, interests and concerns.

Granular tactical actions can then be determined which convey key messages to target audiences in pursuit of primary objectives and thus overall aims. Evaluation and iteration follow.

A structured approach to communications planning delivers successful outcomes by design.

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Marry message to medium for maximum impact

Effective delivery of skilfully-framed messages that encapsulate your vision and communicate key messages can captivate stakeholders, inspiring action and helping to build productive relationships.

Vivid, memorable images that get your message across in pitch-perfect tune with your aims should be combined with eloquent, idiomatic prose that packs a punch on the page whether you are posting on social media or publishing an annual report.

The relationship between content and format is key.

Carefully planned co-ordination across platforms and channels is equally essential to reaching target audiences at the right time and in the right place.

Individual interventions and their success in achieving strategic aims should be evaluated using qualitative and quantitative measures, so outputs and outcomes can be used to refine and repeat delivery until aims are fulfilled and further objectives follow.

Whatever your communications goals, marrrying message to medium according to plan is guaranteed to make maximum impact.

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Martin Redfern
Martin Redfern

I'm a communications professional with over twenty years’ experience working with large and small public and private sector organisations to achieve social change and sustainable development goals.

I have worked across sectors including food and farming, housing and environmental education, health and well-being, enterprise and economy, renewable energy and green transport.

I hold a Master’s degree with distinction in Journalism at Birkbeck, University of London, where I also studied international politics and have a background in campaigning, project management and multimedia design and development.

I'm currently leading the development of a new policy research and advocacy initiative that aims to enable novel, cross-sector, multi-stakeholder solutions to regional social, economic and environmental challenges across the Greater Exeter area.

If your mission is to transform people and place on our way to a prosperous, inclusive and sustainable future, we're on the same page.

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